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GET TO KNOW - Randi Cunningham - 2nd Grade

Posted Date: 11/16/2021

GET TO KNOW - Randi Cunningham - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Randi Cunningham is in her 10th year of teaching with 15 total years in education under her belt. Mrs. Cunningham attended and graduated from Oklahoma State University where she majored in Elementary Education.

Her goals for her classroom this year are for every student to come to school, feel loved and for her classroom to be a safe haven. She wants to instill a love of learning and education and hopes she can give them tools to help them improve their reading skills. Mrs. Cunningham really wants her students to love to read so much that they just pick up books on their own and read!

Mrs. Randi Cunningham was raised in Perryton and graduated from here as well. Randi and her husband, Shae, have two wonderful boys. Brooks is a 5th grader and Jax is in 1st. The boys are very involved in sports and Randi & Shae spend the majority of their time coaching and following their boys around while they do what they love.

Meet...Mrs. Randi Cunningham!

One interesting fact about Mrs. Cunningham: She ran a FULL marathon 5 years ago! It was the hardest, yet most rewarding goal she has achieved and she still loves to run! She enjoys running at least 2-3 days a week.